- Will not relocate quotas


- I will never accept that quotas are moved from the oceangoing fishing fleet, to other groups of fishing vessels. We need a varied structure in the fleet, said Minister of Fisheries Harald T. Nesvik, when he visited the Frozen at Sea-conference in Ålesund.

The Frozen at Sea-conference in Ålesund is established as an important meeting place for the fishing industry. This year 260 participants joined the conference, which is a collaboration between the bank Nordea, the Norwegian Seafood Council and the Norwegian Fishing Vessels Owners Association. 

Minister of Fisheries, Harald T. Nesvik was aware that any proposal that goes into moving quotas between the different groups of vessels.

- We all need to deliver enough fish to a growing market. All the vessel groups have their place in this system, and we will also have that forward, Nesvik said. 

In his speach, he also came to Brexit and the uncertainty associated with the UK is determined to leave the EU