Recommends reducing cod quota by 20%

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) recommends that the cod quota in the Barents Sea next year does not exceed 712,000 tonnes. This is a reduction of 20% compared to this year’s quota.

Recommends reducing cod quota by 20%

“We are experiencing a natural decline in Atlantic cod stocks, which we need to take into consideration,” says the Research Director at the Institute of Marine Research, Geir Huse.

In recent years, the quotas for Northeast Arctic cod have been at record high levels. The quota peaked in 2013 when 1,000,000 tonnes could be caught, and the quotas have remained at roughly this level. The quota for 2017 is 890,000 tonnes.

Huse says that the high quota levels in recent years can mostly be attributed to the good cod year classes for 2004 and 2005. “We see that the year classes after this weaker, which leads to a natural decline in the stocks,” says Huse.

Marine Researcher Bjarte Bogstad, who is the scientist responsible for cod in the Barents Sea, emphasizes that there is a good stock of Northeast Arctic cod in the Barents Sea.