Nutricious food

Lean fish like cod, saithe and haddock provide many essential nutrients important for a good nutritional status and represent an important part of a varied diet.

Nutricious food

To most people, positive health effects from eating seafood are related to the documented results obtained from trials with various fish oils containing the marine omega-3 fatty acids. Hence, fatty fish rich in EPA and DHA are considered to be healthier than lean fish. However, seafood including lean fish contains a unique combination of many important nutrients and the health potential remains to be fully documented.

Since lean fish contain very little fat the amount of protein is high. Proteins are composed of several important building blocks and dietary fish provide all the different amino acids we need for good health. Recent research shows that fish protein, particularly from lean fish to some extent prevent obesity and diabetes type II. In addition, lean fish like cod, saithe and haddock contain a relatively high amount of iodine which is important for the energy expenditure. Lean fish also contain marine omega-3 fatty acids which have documented positive health effects linked to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Lean fish and seafood in general provide many nutrients to ensure a good nutritional status which again is important for good health. Based on recent research it may very well be that lean fish like cod, saihte and haddock also can have unique health promoting effects, but this remains to be documented.


Source: NIFES, a Norwegian governmental research institute  which gives research based advice to the government, food authorities and the aquaculture- and fishery industries in matters concerning fishfeed, health and safety aspects of seafood consumption. (